Saturday, September 21, 2013

Great teachers

During high school I was having to change the way I approached school- school wasn't for the grades, spending time with friends, or wasting my time. I realized that since I was not graduating, I should take classes where I would truly LEARN!!!! I know, a big step for humanity..... I took classes that I could learn in, and if I wasn't learning, I didn't stay. Like the biology class example, I spent a quarter in a biology class where I wasn't learning anything, so I transferred to a biology class where I could and would learn. I have siblings older than me, so I knew about some of the teachers reputations from them and their experiences. Overall, it served me well to ask questions like "did you learn anything in the class?", "would you take another class from the teacher?" and "was there a lot of busywork involved?" This helped me get the teachers who taught well, so that I could get the most out of my time in classes.

As a result of my learning attitude, I was taking AP (college credit) classes from good teachers. I took AP Biology from Mr. H and AP American History from Mr. W. I asked questions, made it to class every day that I could get out of bed, and started studying for the big tests months ahead. I have thought about what made these teachers so memorable to me, and why I was so successful in learning in their classes. I think that they are truly gifted teachers who love to teach, and it shows. I was also able to ask any question and they wouldn't get offended or defensive- they would welcome the questions I had. These teachers also knew that they had to teach things that weren't part of their curriculum (writing essays) to make sure that everyone could succeed. These teachers gave me a chance to prove myself, rather than seeing the disability guidelines that my Mom gave out and not trying.

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