Sunday, August 25, 2013

Starting High School

Ok, I had finally been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue- took long enough!!! I know that it would have been nice to know that I was not crazy when I didn't get better. The time between getting diagnosed with mono and getting diagnosed with CF, I kept pushing myself harder and harder until it made me sicker and sicker because I realized that I was supposed to get better, and I was trying to put mind over matter and mentally make myself better. Well, it really didn't work and it was a roller coaster of me trying to get caught up in school, pushing myself to do more, and then I would literally crash and burn and be almost at square one all over again.

Once I was diagnosed with CF, I was able to get a doctor's note to cut down on the number of classes I took, so that hopefully the cycle where I would crash and burn would be stopped. I ended up going half days to school, in the mornings because I did better in the mornings. I would then go home and take a 3-4 hour nap in the afternoon. The doctor's note allowed me to do this; however, it was made clear to me before I even started high school that I wouldn't be allowed to graduate unless I got ALL of the credits required. That was not feasible for me, so I accepted (grudgingly) that I wouldn't be allowed to graduate with all of my friends and classmates.

I went with my mom to the counseling center to get my school schedule changed from the generic one I was given (full day, specific classes required) to my schedule which I got to pick whatever I wanted since graduation requirements didn't factor into the equation. They looked at my last name, and started to sign me up to speak to a counselor, and my mom said "we are going to see another counselor". In the end, my mom got her way, and I was able to get a counselor who listened to what I wanted and who had no problem making changes to my schedule. I wanted to take classes that I wanted, so I took subjects that interested me the most- history and science (biology). I found teachers who actually taught, rather than having endless amounts of busywork, which I did not appreciate since I was in school to LEARN......a new way of dealing with school that I didn't quite have before. I transferred out of classes if I truly wasn't learning anything, if they teacher couldn't (or wouldn't) teach in a way that I could learn. It did confuse some people when I would go to transfer and they would ask me why and I would say "I am not learning anything, it is wasting my time and energy".

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